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Self-Insured Program Administration Services

VCJPA contracts with Sedgwick to handle the day-to-day operations of the group providing underwriting, financial, claims, litigation and general risk management.

Liability Claims Services

Prompt, investigative claims handling from the onset of the claim, will significantly reduce your costs including fees, litigation and reserves. VCJPA claims are handled by our TPA, TBD.

Workers' Compensation Services

We cover lost wages and medical treatment resulting from an employee’s work-related injury or illness. VCJPA claims are handled by our TPA, AIMS.

Sedgwick Resources

To help prevent claims, establish controls, and manage costs, members can access a complete website dedicated to safety.
*Please note access requires a separate username and password.

Safety and Risk Control Resources

Training videos and other materials related to safety and risk control are accessible in this section with a user login.

Certificate of Coverage

Members can request a certificate to show proof of coverage or to fulfill a contract requirement naming an additional covered party.

Contract Review Services

Staff is available to review the insurance and indemnification language in member district contracts or bid specifications.

Contractual Risk Transfer (CRT)

Effective risk management can involve spreading risks among contracting parties in an agreement. If not completed properly, inadequate risk transfer can create substantial liability for your entity.