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Alliant Property Insurance Program Cyber Coverage Documents - Beazley Best Practices

Cyber Liability Coverage Through the Alliant Property Insurance Program and Beazley Risk Management Portal

The VCJPA member districts have cyber liability coverage as a component of the Alliant Property Insurance Program (APIP). The insurance policy includes coverage for breach response services including notifications, legal, forensics, and public relations/crisis management; first party coverage including data recovery, cyber extortion, and computer hardware replacement; electronic crime/social engineering; third party liability including data and network liability, regulatory fines and penalties, and electronic media liability.

Each district has been signed up and can register for the cyber liability insurance carrier’s Beazley Risk Management Portal. The portal provides access to tips, training, best practices, and information regarding cyber security threats. Access the Beazley Risk Management Portal using the username and password when your district registered for the portal. If you need assistance, please contact Chrissy Mack at VCJPA.

In the event of a cyber incident, please contact VCJPA staff immediately.

Alliant Deadly Weapons Response Program

The VCJPA participates in the Alliant Deadly Weapons Response Program. The program provides coverage for third party liability and physical damage for events occurring at a location on your property schedule, as well as crisis management services before and after an incident.

As part of the risk management services offered through this program,  you can register for access to resources, tools, and training to enhance your violence prevention program through this link and selecting “insured.”

Please contact Shelby Faria at VCJPA for the Validation ID.


The VCJPA has partnered with ResoluteGuard to help member districts mitigate cyber risk and guard against disruption of critical services.

ResoluteGuard’s Cyber Risk Management Program is designed to align a member district’s initiatives with insurance and regulatory objectives and align executive governance with administrative and technical activities to guard against a cyber disruption of critical services.

For more information regarding ResoluteGuard and how to access services, please contact VCJPA Administrator, Chrissy Mack.